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Even ‘Safe’ Levels of Lead Tied to Gout

August 21, 2012

Adults with supposedly safe blood levels of lead had a significantly higher prevalence of gout and hyperuricemia than did adults with the lowest lead levels, a large population study showed.

An average blood lead level of 3.95 µg/dL was associated with a 6.05% prevalence of gout, versus 1.76% for people with a mean lead level of 0.89 µg/dL, as reported online in Annals of Internal Medicine. The current national standard for acceptable levels is

Each doubling of blood lead level increased the odds for gout by 1.74 and the odds for hyperuricemia by 1.25, according to Eswar Krishnan, MD, of Stanford University, and co-authors.

After adjustment for population characteristics, people with the highest blood lead levels had more than a threefold greater risk of gout compared with adults with the lowest levels, they reported.

via Even ‘Safe’ Levels of Lead Tied to Gout.

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