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Good Cholesterol Goes Bad –

December 20, 2012

Note:� Uh oh.� Time to invent more pharma solutions to diet problems. – HT

Drugs that lower cholesterol, like Lipitor, Zocor and Crestor, have long been the pharma industry’s biggest moneymaker, generating cumulative sales well in excess of $200 billion over two decades. They have saved untold thousands of people from heart attacks and strokes. But the reign of these medical monoliths is coming to an end. Three once lucrative cholesterol-cutters have already lost patent protection

Which underscores why the drug industry is on an urgent hunt for a savior.
For a few years it thought it had one: good cholesterol, also known as
high-density lipoprotein.

The mysterious HDL is thought to unclog arteries gunked up by too many french  fries. People with high levels of good cholesterol appear to be somewhat  protected against heart disease, even if their bad cholesterol levels are high.  Over the last decade Pfizer and other drug companies have invested billions to  concoct and test drugs to boost HDL.

Now the results of the first big trials of HDL-raising drugs are in, and they
are a disaster. In December Pfizer stopped testing its experimental
good-cholesterol drug, torcetrapib, after it boosted the death rate in a
15,000-patient trial–even though it raised good cholesterol by 60% in past

via Good Cholesterol Goes Bad –

via Good Cholesterol Goes Bad –

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