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The following links will lead to various resources and articles on this important subject.  But, first, let me say this about my “cure” for my diabetes:

As far as I’m concerned, diabetes is no longer a factor in my life.  Of course, my doctor and/or the ADA may have a different opinion.  All of the official sources that I’ve come across so far would suggest that this is an incurable disease, though my doctor had said something at one point about the possibility of being “undiagnosed”….we’ll come back to that in the future.

What I mean about diabetes no longer being a factor is simply this:

  • I’ve never taken even a single dose of medication for diabetes, despite an initial A1c test of 10.0.
  • I normalized my blood sugar within 1-1/2 weeks of my diagnosis, posting an A1c of 4.9 after only 3-1/2 months.
  • By adjusting my diet and getting only light exercize, I lost 40 lbs at the rate of 2 lbs a week.
  • I eat well and often, now maintaining good energy and an ideal body weight.
  • All other associated side-effects from my diabetes have disappeared, including:  high blood pressure, poor cholesterol, and other chronic conditions, such as swollen sinuses, back or joint pain, etc.

If any question remains about whether or not I am still diabetic,  it would simply be this:  Were I to return the the Standard American Diet (even the ADA’s version) how long would it take for me to regain excess weight and exhibit unhealthy blood sugar levels?  My answer is simply this:  why would I care?  I simply don’t.

I’ll tell you this, however.  I’ve demonstrable improved my insulin sensitivity.  That doesn’t mean I intend to take advantage of it.  You want to play that game?  Go on ahead without me, I’ve been down that road already and  I don’t feel any desire to eat or live like that anymore.

After all, it was conventional wisdom – with the “help” of the FDA and other supposed “experts” – that nearly killed me.  I’m done with them.

I  recently met up with an old high-school buddy.  He was diagnosed with diabetes three years ahead of me with an A1c of 9.7.  He’s continued to follow his doctor’s advice.  Today, he’s still on medication and, with all of his doctor’s “help”, he’s still overweight and barely maintaining sub-7 A1c levels.  When I tell someone like him that “I normalized my blood sugar in a week and a half”, the response is usually mute confusion.

Come on folks.  This really isn’t rocket science.  Check out the articles and resources provided here and you can change the whole game.  Seriously.

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